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The Data

Using proprietary technology Lawstata has developed a one-of-a-kind database containing the complete public case data for more than 150,000 cases from the top five most populous Ohio counties including Franklin, Cuyahoga, Hamilton & Summit counties.  The database also includes data from more counties every week (Mahoning, Lake, Hocking and more).   

The value

Never before have citizens, lawyers, judges and prosecutors had access to the comprehensive data and Lawstata proprietary analytics providing insight into criminal case data.  Using our affordable report, users can now answer important questions about criminal cases past and present and the various stakeholders in the criminal justice system (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and more)


These are just a few of the insights available from our sentencing report and custom reports:

  • Comparison of sentences for similar defendants who entered guilty pleas versus those found guilty at trial
  • The average, median and other values for sentences imposed on similar defendants
  • The typical sentences imposed by particular judges
  • The number and type of cases that a specific judge (or defense attorney) has handled 
  • Average dollar amount of bail required for cases involving specific categories of criminal charges
  • Plea offers typically made to defendants given the charges they are facing and other factors
  • Typical duration of criminal cases overall (and by specific judge or specific charge type) from initial charge to sentencing
  • Dollar amount of court costs imposed by case type, defense attorney
  • Rate of incarceration or probation for defendants by judge, defense attorney

*In addition to our no cost report for indigent defendants, contact us to discuss other custom reports we can provide.  e.g. Judicial reports, defense attorney reports, criminal violation frequency reports, geographic data on crimes and defendant residences, arresting agency data and other demographic data where available.