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our mission

To bring fairness in sentencing, bail and pleas to everyone in the justice system with data.


No person…shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.


You have the right under Ohio Revised Code § 2929.11 to be sentenced in the same way as other similar defendants.

Avoid This Result

“In the present case, Miller failed to raise the consistency issue at sentencing and did not present any evidence below about similar offenders and their sentences. As a result, he has forfeited his ability to raise the issue on appeal.”  

Ohio v. Miller, 2010-Ohio-2138

The Data

Using proprietary software Lawstata has developed the first and only database of more than 150,000 criminal case records from multiple Ohio counties spanning the years 2009-2019.  Our database includes public data and our own analytics providing you the most accurate assessment of the proper bail, plea and sentence for your particular case. In addition to our affordable standard reports, we can provide custom data insights. 

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